What's in Store?

Churchinford & District Community Shop has around 3,000 lines at any given time. Click on buttons below to get a general idea of our range. Essential items like bread, veg and milk are delivered 6 days a week, meat on Weds and Thurs. Some other items may be subject to availability on the day. We work very hard to keep well stocked.


Local free range chicken eggs, mixed grade


Bread & Cakes

Fresh bakery bread, including loaves, rolls, pastries etc. (delivered 6 days a week)

Sliced branded bread e.g. Hovis, Braces, tortilla wraps, naan and part-baked

Large variety of branded cakes, pies, tarts and morning goods

Locally made loaf & fruit cakes, flapjack and mixed chocolate bakes


Chill- Dairy/Other

We have an extensive range of over 30 cheeses, including a selection of  cheddars ranging in strength and price, goat, ewe and dairy- free cheeses

Dairylea slices, Dunkers, Babybel and Philidelphia

Natural, flavoured yoghurts, kids yoghurts and lacto- or dairy- free

Trifles & tiramisu pots

Creams, Cream substitutes, Crème fraiche etc.

Fresh local milk delivered 6 days a week

Cow’s milk alternatives, such as Goat's milk, Alpro, lacto-free.

Olives, Sun-dried tomato tubs, humous

Dips, Primula spreads and coleslaw

Local and South West butters, branded butter, baking block butter, margarines, sunflower/olive/soya and lacto-free spreads, lard and goat's butter

Chill Cooked Meats & Snacks +

Devon and honey roast sliced ham

Roast beef and turkey slices

Continental meats, such as salamis, chorizo, anti-pasti mix


Various pates

John Thorner pork pies, quiches, scotch eggs and savoury pies i.e. chicken, bacon & leek, steak & ale etc.

Ready meals, cottage pie, lasagne and faggots

Smoked mackerel, salmon and salmon pate


Meat, Fish & Poultry

We currently have 3 deliveries of meat a week.

Local beef and pork from Dave Kittow arrives Wednesday afternoon

Local poultry from Otter Valley thursdays

Beef, pork, lamb and poultry from other Somerset and British suppliers

Locally sourced native, fresh fish (click for more information)

Sugar & Syrup

Selection of standard sugars, brown sugars, fairtrade etc.

Golden syrup and treacle




Click here for full list of flour and yeast available.

Selection of flours, self-raising, plain, strong white, stoneground and Doves gluten-free and organic.

Yeast, baking powders.

Dried fruit, peels, nuts for baking

Icing, marzipan, gelatine, essences and vanilla extract

Chocolate chips, stem ginger, cocoa powder, mini mallows etc.


Rice, Pasta & Pulses      

We have a large selection of rice, long grain, basmati, Arborio, pudding, brown and organic.  Along with Uncle Ben instant packs

Packet goods including lentils and couscous (including flavoured)

Tinned chickpeas & varieties of beans

Pasta shapes, tagliatelle, macaroni etc.


Salt, Herbs Spices, Cooking ingredients

Salts including table, flakes, rock and smoked

A large variety of herbs and spices

Cooking sauces pasta, indian, sweet and sour

Cooking paste, harissa, tikka, pesto

Stock cubes, pots and vegetable boullion and sachet sauce mixes

Oils and vinegars

Corn flour and polenta

Dumpling and stuffing mixes

Cream and coconut milk

Passata, tomato and garlic paste

Gravy granules including gluten-free


Tablet, sachet and set jellies

Tinned and pot custard and rice pudding

Sponge puddings

Custard powder

Meringue nests and brandy snaps

Semolina, pudding rice and trifle mixes etc.

Condensed and evaporated milk



Standard varieties such as Kelloggs cereals, variety packs, oats, porridge sachets, granola and muesli, including large gluten- and sugar-free selection.

Free from & organic

The shop has an excellent range of gluten, dairy and general free from and organic products.

To name a few, bread, biscuits, pasta, spreads, snacks, crackers, chocolate, milks, coconut oil, rye breads, savoury and fresh/frozen products


Pickles & Condiments

A standard range of ketchup, mayonnaise, HP, mustard, sauces like apple, mint etc.


Locally produced Highland farm chutneys and sweet chilli jelly

Other South West artisan pickles

Branded Branston, lime pickle, mango chutney, piccalilli, pickled onions, beetroot etc.

Olives jarred and foil packed


Tinned goods, soups & snacks

Baked beans, chopped/peeled tomatoes and sweetcorn.

Tinned meats, corned beef, hot dogs etc.

Tinned fish, mackerel, tuna, salmon

Tinned soups including gluten-free, packet soups

Pot noodles, instant flavoured pasta and noodles

Tinned fruit


Jams, Honey & Spreads

Local Blackdown Hills honey

Branded honey

Various peanut butters including organic

Spreads, including Sandwich, Marmite and Nutella

Local Highland farm traditional jams and marmalades

Bumblees Preserves artisan marmalades and jams

Co-op jams and marmalades



Large collection of bagged and bar sweets

Green and Black, Divine luxury and organic bars

Boxed chocolates, standards like Roses, Milk Tray, Thorntons, Terrys Chocolate Orange, more luxurious brands and truffles selections

Chocolate nuts, fruit, ginger, fruit jellies and marzipan sweets.  Includes gluten- and dairy-free

Tinned sweets

Jarred traditional sweets sold at 80p per 100g, bonbons, pear drops, imperials, liquorice torpedoes to name only a few

Tobacco & Cigarettes

A selection of cigarettes, rolling tobacco, papers, gas, filters and lighters


Stationery & Greetings Cards

Huge selection of stationery lines, too many to list

Gift stationery

Cards birthday and plain

Local cards, floral, scenic, animal theme etc.


Gift bags and wrap


Biscuits & Crackers

Various Mcvities biscuits including classic ranges such as Rich Tea, Digestives, Hobnobs, chocolate covered

Other branded shortbread, bourbon, custard cream and many more

South West handmade oat flip and butterscotch biscuits

Border mixed biscuits selection

Snack kitkat, jammie dodgers etc.

Selection of crackers such as, Jacobs, Cheddars, Ryvita, oat cakes etc.

Millers mixed Wafers, 3 seed, nut, fruit and charcoal

Crisps & Snacks

Variety of single bagged crisps such Walkers, Quavers, Cheddars, Cheetos etc.

Fairfield crisps large bags crisps

Pringles, Doritos, Popcorns and large selection of £1 large bag crisps.

Selection of dried fruits, nuts, Bombay mixes etc.


Frozen Food

Selection of veg and fruit

Potato products, chips, jacket potatoes, roast, wedges and more

Mixed pizzas including gluten-free

Battered fish, fish fingers, fish cakes, prawns, in parsley sauce and scampi

Chicken, crispy, southern fried, dippers

Garlic bread and pastry

Desserts, cheesecakes, apple pie/crumble, chocolate cake etc

Ready meals, lasagne, curry, dinners (mixed), faggots

Burgers and sausages

Large selection of Free from/Vegan, pies, meat substitutes, savouries and ice cream

Selection of larger tub ice creams, Kellys clotted and Ben & Jerry

Baboo luxury ice creams and sorbets.

Hot Drinks

Selection of branded teas i.e Tetley, Yorkshire etc, includes decaf varieties and peppermint

Nescafe coffee, hot chocolate and Horlicks

Miles teas, instant and ground coffee, coffee beans and hot chocolate

Health, Beauty & Baby

Baby toiletries, wipes and a limited selection of food

Feminine products, shaving products, deodorants.

Dental products, including toothpastes, brushes, Fixadent, mouth wash and more

Shower and bath products, gel, shampoo, soaps, hand wash etc.

Cotton, pads, wool, buds


Facial/hand cream, Vaseline etc.

Sundries such as nail files, tights, hand loops etc.

Reading glasses and sundries



We keep a very good selection of pharmacy lines

Analgesics, cough and cold, gastric relief, hay fever and much more

Cough sweets


Household, Cleaning & Paper

Laundry capsules, liquid, powder and softener

Environmentally friendly, washing up, dish wash tablets, toilet cleaner etc.

Dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, spray cleaner, liquid cleaners/disinfectant, bleach, oven/drain cleaner and more. Air freshener, furniture polish, Brasso, shoe polish.

Fly spray/papers, sponge scourers, cloths, bin bags various, caddy bags and doggy bags, foil, baking/greaseproof paper, cling film, toothpicks, napkins and plates

Kitchen roll, toilet roll and tissues



Firelighters, kindling, logs, charcoal etc.

A variety of household items such as pegs, fuses, sewing etc

Batteries and light bulbs

Pet Food

Cat, dog food tinned, sachets, biscuits and treats

Fish pond and large selection of wild bird foods, available in bulk quantities



Soft Drinks

Small and large bottles soft drinks

Squashes, tonics and waters

Carton Juices

Canned drinks single and 4pk cokes

Local Charlton Apple Juice bottles


Spirits & Liqueurs

A selection of gins, whiskeys, sherry, vodka and other spirits


Beer, Cider & Alcoholic

Selection of branded lager cans and bottles

Branded ales and ciders

Taunton ciders, Harrys Ciders, Otter Ales and Quantock brewery ales



Very good selection of wine varieties, countries and prices ranging from £5 - £18

Champagne and low/alcohol-free


Plants and seeds

Selection of Fothergills country value, RHS recommended and disease resistant seeds

Veg, fruit and herb plants

Selection of bedding plants coming


Newspapers & Magazines

A selection of newspapers and magazines

Puzzle books

Childrens activity books